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People are always saying Ian forcing Mickey to come out was so bad but like do y’all not remember the times Mickey treated him like shit and beat the shit out of him for no reason like Ian forcing him to come out is the LEAST Mickey could do for him

You can continue to sit there and be willfully ignorant or you can spend time to educate yourself as to why pressuring Mickey in a high risk situation was wrong and how the events of 3x09 weren’t nonsensical but a result of RTS. You could also stop supporting toxic elements in a relationship, by suggesting that keeping score is okay - it’s not, it’s a very unhealthy relationship habit. Also, to suggest that either Mickey or Ian owe each other anything you’re bringing up consent issues. You could also try and not shame victims of abuse for not coming out, especially those who have been abused for being gay.

Or y’know, like I said, just sit there and continue to be willfully ignorant. 

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a study of south side boys in love

Petition for this to be the colour scheme they use when decorating their house when they (inevitably) get a place together.

"For those of you who were doing open heart surgery or bringing peace to the mid-east or whatever the fuck you were doing, this is what you missed on Shameless last week."

tenth doctor + complementary colors

Ausllyy’s Intense Colors Coloring Tutorial


Someone requested how I colored this gifset. So here you go. If you want any other tutorials let me know! You’ll need:

  • Photoshop CS5
  • Basic knowledge on making gifs, you can find tutorials on how to make gifs here.
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  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
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How to make this:


into this


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